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Advantage Series 200W High Bay

$110 (Includes UPSMH lamp) Qty     $120 (Includes UPSMH long life lamp) Qty    

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The Advantage Series High Bay is an ideal lighting solution for warehouse and factory interiors, the Advantage High Bay luminaire features the energy saving 200 Uni-Form® pulse start metal halide technology by Venture Lighting. Upgrade your old, obsolete Mercury Vapour lighting and save money off your power bill.

The Advantage Series 200w energy saving high bay is a direct replacement for your old 400w mercury vapour high bay lights. In most cases you don’t even need an electrician as it’s as simple as unplugging your old light and plugging in your new 200w Advantage Series energy saving high bay.

Hook up, plug in, and start saving!

200W High Bay Features

  • Economical and low cost interior High-Bay
  • Open fixture rated lamps
  • No lens cover required
  • FM Global Insurance approved
  • Hook, flex and plug
  • Featuring Venture 320W Uni-Form®Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamp
  • Powder coated metal housing
  • Faceted aluminium reflector
  • Ballast with thermal cut out
  • Internal fuse

Complete Kit Includes

  • 200W Control Gear
  • Matt Anodised Faceted Reflector
  • Venture open fixture rated 200W Metal halide Uniform Pulse Start lamp


  • Big Box Retailers
  • Commercial
  • Industrial High Bay
  • Warehouses
  • Factories


200W Uni-Form® pulse start metal halide

Lamp reorder code:

Standard: 22147
Long life: 33585